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Behold! Cyber Week Stocking Sale!

It’s the holidays, banish the dreaded beige! Cyber Week is the perfect time to try a new shade on for size (like these festive Juzo Soft Dream pantyhose 30-40mmHg).

While prying the latest dump of holiday catalogs out of my mailbox, a bright red postcard escaped onto the cold pavement. As I knelt down to pick it up, I could hardly believe my eyes – “Storewide Sale!” on all compression stocking brands.  The postcard was from my stocking provider, BrightLife Direct.  It was a Christmas miracle!

I have been purchasing compression stockings for nearly 20 years.  And never in that time have I been offered a holiday discount.

Behold, it is true. This week only – BrightLife Direct is offering 10-20% off discounts plus free shipping on all of their brands. There are no kickbacks coming my way – promise.  Just sharing the joy of the season with fellow lymphies.

THIS is the week to:

  • Try a new compression garment shade, device or accessory.
  • Put that Flex Spending Account to work.
  • Shop from the comfort of your home. “Cyber Week” was made for lymphies.

If you’d prefer to purchase through your regular provider, ask if they will match BrightLife Direct’s prices.  All they can say is “no” or “Bah-Humbug!”

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good manual lymph drainage!

Click here to visit BrightLife Direct’s website.

What compression garment sales have you heard about? Are you putting a little something in the cart for yourself this holiday season?

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