Sexy (and Safe) Support for Lymphedema

Sexy is usually not a word that comes to mind when you think lymphedema. Compression garments. Pneumatic pumps. Bandages. Accessories like these are not likely to be spotted in Vogue’s Fall Fashion Preview.

But last weekend, I met a woman who can make any lymphie feel attractive – and improve their lymphatic flow – by starting with one of the first things they put on in the morning – a bra.

When you have lymphedema or are at risk for developing lymphedema, it is suggested that you avoid clothing or jewelry that restrains lymphatic flow. One of the biggest flow offenders? Underwire bras. The wires, intended to support and shape the breast, can dig into lymphatic vessels, encouraging the buildup of lymphatic fluid in a limb.

So what’s a fashion-forward lymphie to do?

One option might be to let the “girls” go free. At home on the weekends? Absolutely. At the office presenting in front of your staff? Not recommended.

Another option is a well-fitted, wireless bra. Finding a bra – any bra- that fits comfortably is a feat. Finding one without a wire that fits well and looks sexy? That’s gold medal worthy.

Meet the Olympic champion of wireless bra fitting – Ilissa Manes of Peach.

Ilissa Manes, Peach Personal Stylist, showing me Peach’s bralette line.

I met Ilissa at a recent “Peach Party” where she introduced me to a revolutionary approach to bra shopping. Imagine that you could bra shop from home, receive a custom fit and send the bra back for free, if you don’t like it. That’s Peach.

(Before you ask – No, I am not receiving any compensation from Peach. But when I come across a good product, I try to share it.)

How does Peach work?

Stylists like Ilissa will either come to your home to measure you or they will talk you through measuring yourself via an online chat service such as Face Time or Skype. And Peach doesn’t just measure your width and cup size and call it a day. Peach has a 10-point measuring system that is designed to help provide you with the perfect-fitting bra.

Here’s the bonus. Peach has a line of wireless bras that not only feel good, they look good too. Some of the styles even offer well hidden pockets to hold your post-mastectomy prosthesis. I prefer the bralettes – designed for – ahem – less well-endowed women. Each design has an elegant style, more feminine than most other brands on the market.

An assortment of bra styles on display at the “Peach Party” I attended.

Thanks to Peach’s new technology and customer service approach, there is no need to accept anything less than a spectacularly supportive bra that makes you feel attractive too.

How much does Peach cost?

The consultation and fitting are free. The price points for Peach’s various bras range from $30 to $75. Not inexpensive. But as you consider your bra budget, remember all those ill-fitting bras stuffed in the back of your second dresser drawer.

Good news – Ilissa has agreed to offer a special discount of 10% off the purchase price for all orders made within the next 60 days (by November 4th, 2016), if you mention Lymphedema Diary or my name, Britta Vander Linden.

Most importantly, no matter where you lingerie shop, consider the cost of developing or worsening your lymphedema. Ensure that your bra is “lifting its weight” as a partner in your health. Impeding your lymphatic flow with bras that pinch and bind is not a good investment.

Sound Peachy?
If you’re interested in learning more about Peach, you’re welcome to contact Ilissa directly at Visit her website by clicking here.

The ladies and me (far right) showing off our Peaches! A bra that looks and feels good to the lymphatic system sure does make you smile!


Have a bra you love that keeps your lymphatic fluid moving? Please share in the comments section of this blog post!

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