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Treatment Funds the Cure: BrightLife Direct and Lymphedema Diary Team Up for LE&RN in Celebration of Lymphedema Awareness Month

What if I told you that your purchase of compression garments could help the fight to end lymphatic disease and lymphedema?  Well, THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF MARCH, it will.

When you buy your garments from BrightLife Direct during March 2015, one percent of the total purchase price (on all orders that include the coupon code DONATE) will be donated to the Lymphatic Education and Research Network (LE&ARN).

Why during the month of March?
March is Lymphedema Awareness month.  That means it’s our time to shine — all 100 million of us worldwide who suffer from lymphedema.  It is our moment to collectively raise our voices and demand funding for research to find a cure, adequate insurance coverage for medical treatment (including for compression garments) and full engagement from the medical community to increase prevention and early detection rates.

BrightLife Direct LogoWho is BrightLife Direct?
BrightLife Direct has been my go-to dealer for compression stockings for about a year.  They have all “Four P’s” that I look for in a stocking dealer — the right people, price, perks and policies.  BrightLife Direct is a small business with a big heart for its customers.  When I approached BrightLife with the idea for this partnership, they jumped on it.  BrightLife does not just sell products, they offer a better way of life.  A brighter life.  And that means working with the lymphedema community towards increased education, advocacy and research.

LE&RN LogoWhy donate to the Lymphatic Education and Research Network (LE&ARN)?
Coincidentally, LE&ARN was formed the same year I came down with lymphedema, nearly 17 years ago.  During this time, LE&ARN has done more to put lymphedema on the medical radar and to directly sponsor lymphatic research than any other organization of which I am aware.  If a breakthrough in the treatment or – God willing – a cure of lymphatic disease is to come, it is likely to emerge as a result of the unyielding commitment of LE&RN and the generous people who support its cause.  Just a couple of weeks ago, you may have seen LE&ARN’s spokesperson, Academy Award-Winning Actress Kathy Bates, on her much talked-about appearance on the nationally syndicated television program, The Doctors, discussing her experience with lymphedema.

Start shopping to benefit lymphedema now and visit BrightLife’s website here. Or call toll free at 1-877-545-8585.  If you’re dialing internationally, call 1-202-895-6945.  Information and rates on international shipping can be found here.

Be sure to include the coupon code DONATE, when ordering online — or tell the code to the sales associate, if ordering by phone.

We must buy compression garments as part of our daily treatment to manage our lymphedema.  All the better if this purchase can help fund our cure.

1 thought on “Treatment Funds the Cure: BrightLife Direct and Lymphedema Diary Team Up for LE&RN in Celebration of Lymphedema Awareness Month”

  1. Thanks for your blog. The info is really helpful. I was wondering have you heard anything about myofascial release and lymphedema? I am looking into it as a possible treatment option

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