Coming Soon…a special announcement on Monday

Image via Lymphedema Mavens
Image via Lymphedema Mavens

As I write this post, the actual temperature outside is minus three degrees Farenheit.  Those of us in the northeast United States and elsewhere are anxious to say goodbye to what has been one of the coldest Februaries on record.  But there is another reason to be excited about turning a page on the calendar. March is Lymphedema Awareness Month!

Lymphedema Awareness Month is the time for individuals and organizations around the world to jump up and down, waving their hands to spread the word about our condition to elected officials, the medical community, friends and neighbors.

In celebration of our month, I will be making a special announcement on Monday.  I am really looking forward to sharing it with you.  Stay tuned, or sign up for email alerts to be the first to hear the news.

Until then, so long, February.  Take your time coming back next year.

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