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Compression Stocking Tip #3: The “Four P’s” of Choosing a Compression Stocking Dealer

HandshakeCompression stockings squeeze you enough.  Your stocking dealer shouldn’t squeeze you as well.  So, how do you choose a business that will provide you with products at a fair price with good service that you can count on?

When choosing a compression stocking dealer, always remember -you are a consumer, not a patient.  Stockings are a product – an expensive product – and you are a consumer paying money (usually a lot of money) for goods.  You deserve courtesy and satisfaction in your purchasing experience.

I encourage you, as a consumer, to look for the “Four P’s,” when checking out a new compression stocking dealer.

People.  Does the company have good customer service?  That means not only friendly service, but knowledgeable service, from a staff familiar with the latest in lymphedema products -a staff that can provide you with helpful advice, not simply take your credit card number.

Price.  Are the company’s prices flexible?  Are they willing to match competitor prices?

Perks. Is the company willing to sweeten the deal?  At a minimum, the dealer should offer free shipping, if not other freebies like a laundry washing bag, a bottle of stocking detergent or a pair of donning gloves.  Loyal customers who spend hundreds of dollars per order should be treated to a freebie or a promotional item here and there.  It’s just good business.

Policies.  Does the company make it easy to return or exchange compression stockings?  Stockings don’t always work out.  Sometimes the size isn’t right, the compression isn’t strong enough, or damage occurs. Living with lymphedema is stressful enough.  Your dealer should make it stress-free to return or exchange your stockings.  That means no questions asked and no re-stocking or other fees.

Remember the “Four P’s” and you should be on your way to finding a compression stocking dealer that is the right “fit” for you!

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