Personal Stories

Moms and Lymphedema

MomThe greatest wish of every mom is for their child to grow up healthy. When my older siblings and me were born, my dad counted  our fingers and toes, and my parents breathed a sigh of relief.

My Mom enjoyed a blessed 23 years before “her baby” came down with lymphedema. The diagnosis was probably as hard on my mother as it was on me. I know that she would take my pain and frustration on herself, if she could.

Instead, my mom has been there for me every day since the onset of my lymphedema, just as she had been every day before that, providing unconditional love and support.

She happened to be visiting me in New York the day I came down with lymphedema. She was there to hold my hand, offering a calm and reassuring voice. She was a gift to me that day. As she continues to be today.

Lymphedema and all, I am one lucky kid.

To all of the mom’s of sons and daughters with lymphedema, and especially to mine, Happy Mother’s Day.

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