Two thumbs up for Wesley, Two Thumbs Down for Firecracker Films

It was tough to watch Firecracker Films’ documentary, ‘The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum’, which aired in the U.S. on TLC last night, but not because of the graphic content and nudity.  Rather, my agony was the result of waiting for a moment that never came: an accurate explanation to viewers of what lymphedema is and how it afflicts millions of people worldwide.  On the contrary, the producers depicted lymphedema as simply a “mass” that can be “removed” and be done with, as opposed to the incurable, progressive condition that it really is.

In my promo post about the show, I asserted that there is “no such thing as bad publicity”, when a circus-freak story is used to attract attention to lymphedema.  As it turned out, it wasn’t the disease that got the publicity, it was the patient.

thumbs upI have very little in common with the 49-year-old, 551 lb. Las Vegas resident, Wesley Warren, Jr. and yet somehow I found myself relating to him as a fellow lymphedema patient.  First, there was his use of humor used as a coping mechanism.  At one point he joked about how his oversized scrotum doubles as his dining room table.  Then there was his inventiveness in the face of adversity, like how he wore an upside hoodie instead of pants to keep the scrotum covered.  Lastly, there was his longing to do the things he used to do before he got lymphedema, like drive a car.

A self-effacing sense of humor, an imaginative mind thinking up creative solutions to overcome physical obstacles, and a yearning to be normal.  That describes every lymphedema patient I have come across.  Wesley may have an extremely rare form of lymphedema caused by a freak accident (apparent trauma), but he is definitely one of us.

Firecracker Films gets two thumbs down for their fleeting mention and inaccurate portrayal of a very serious health condition.  What a missed opportunity.  But Wesley gets two enthusiastic thumbs up for his strength and courage and for smiling in the face of fear.

4 thoughts on “Two thumbs up for Wesley, Two Thumbs Down for Firecracker Films”

  1. I find these documentaries so scary because it also says that in a civilised country Lymphedema is so ignored and under treated that men and women have to go public to get help … But only when the disease has reached horrific proportions…. Where is the help, understanding and treatment before… Very very sad…😥😥😥

  2. That is exactly what I thought as I watched it. Also, why did no one try to treat the lymphedema before it got so bad?

    1. It highlights just how neglected lymphedema is within the medical profession. I’ve noticed a small progression of awareness in the 15 years since I got it, but we have so far to go.

      1. Did you know how rampant it is in the third world? There is a mosquito in tropical climates that lays eggs after it bites. The larvae burrow into the lymph nodes and infects them. Trouble is people get bitten over an over so their systems never clear and they swell up painfully.

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