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~ Britta Dornan, Lymphedema Diarist

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  1. Thank you for your courage and strength
    I have suffered with Lymphodema for 12+ years. Secondary due to cancer
    Lymph node dissection. Your words provide comfort and strength
    God Bless you!!!

    1. Your comment has made my heart smile all day. Not only because I was able to bring some relief to a fellow woman living with lymphedema, but also because of the perseverance you have demonstrated. Even now – after surviving cancer and enduring 12+ years of lymphedema, you continue to press on, determined to be hopeful. God Bless you too, Paula.

      1. Britta. It has been almost 2 years since we first communicated,…
        I had LNT surgery in France on jan 27th with Dr Corrine Becker. My leg has already decreased in size by 2cm and has become much softer and lighter feeling!! Dr Becker saw my leg two days ago for the first time after surgery, she was very happy with my progress and said in 1 year, my leg should reduce in size, and become very similar to my uneffected leg I am so hopeful about the possibility to not have to wear compression,,, I pass this information along to bring hope for a solution to all who suffer!!

  2. Dear Britta:

    Your words warm my heart!! It is such a comfort to have others who can truly understand our LIVES with Lymphodema. I wanted to share with you a surgery I am researching. It is called lymph node transfer. They are seeing good results I am traveling to NY in Nov to meet the Dr who perfected this procedure. Please let me know if I may share her contact info with you!!
    Warm regards

    1. I use rubber grip gloves every time I go to the bathroom. Sigvaris brand. My neighbors in the next stall can hear a strange squeak of rubber against fabric as I smooth out the compression, which makes me chuckle now instead on blush. What they must think I’m doing! Gotta keep a sense of humor or we’ll just melt.

  3. Hi Britta, I’ve only just discovered your blog – it’s fantastic! Thank you!

    I also have Primary bilateral Lymphoedema diagnosed exactly 1 year ago after acute symptoms of swelling and pain started months earlier. Like you, I was extremely physically active pre-diagnosis; an avid athlete, runner, equestrian, cyclist, snow and water skier, figure skater, tennis player… I hated sitting still and was always on the go.

    My body coped with its impaired Lymphatic system (which I obviously was totally unaware of) for nearly 47 years before it succumbed to the lymphatic deficiencies in my legs ie absence of lymph vessels, failing lymph valves and non-working groin nodes. The specialist scans I had in February 2016 at Oxford and London, England to determine my suitability for new surgeries for which I was hoping to be a candidate showed the pathology in my legs – it was the hardest news I’ve ever had to take in the whole of my life, as none of the new surgeries (eg lymph node transfer and LVA) will address the problem with my failing lymph valves resulting in severe backflow of fluid causing significant swelling in my lower legs and feet. Researchers are still trying to understand lymph valves. My upper legs are also swollen due to blockages in my groin from failing nodes, so, I’m wearing prescribed custom made, very thick, flat-knit, Jobst brand thigh-high garments. It’s taken some months to adjust to wearing cumbersome garments that often heat me up even more than my perimenapausal hot flushes! However the pain and swelling is too intense without garments.

    Accepting the daily impact on life as the result of having this disease has been a long and painful process, but after a year of trying to digest and accept the implications of having Lymphoedema (ie no more cycling or running or skiing as it is far too painful now to engage in them), I have decided and I am determined not to let Lymphoedema destroy all possibility of my having a good quality of life or trying new and even pre-diagnosis activities. I’m taking the anger, sadness and frustration at having an incurable disease emerge midway through my life and turning the negative energy into a positive force. I’m determined not to let this disease beat me down!!
    Thank you for starting your Diary: your story, perseverance, and positive attitude are SO inspiring and motivating!!

    1. Hallo Catherine, I also have Jobst flat knit, custom made hosiey, both knee high and thigh high. Without hosiery, the swelling& tightness ( my feet, legs feel like concrete) is so bad I can’t get a shoe on or walk easily.
      My flat knits are such a yukky colour and they wrinkle round my ankles, causing deep ridges in my legs, which considering the lympho physiotherapist measured me, doesn’t seem right. How good a fit are your ones?
      Do you wear a jobst garter belt with your thigh ones?

  4. Hi Britta, I found your site today and you are fabulous! You get it😀It was so fun to read your articles, because everything you say is so spot on and written so well. It’s so much of what I’d say if I could actually write! I’ve had lymphedema in my left leg since I was 19 and I’m now 61. Ugh! Can’t believe that I’m that old. I had one suggestion that I didn’t see mentioned. I use a Cellercise rebounder and it really helps to keep the circulation going. I cracked up reading your article about sex! So real! My husband doesn’t care about the stocking either, and I have a big, ugly scar from my heel to my thigh. Note-don’t ever let some well meaning doctor cut in you. If you ever have any questions on how I’ve managed this for 40 years, I’d be happy to share. PS-love your attitude.

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